Early 90’s I met synthetic music making. In late 90’s was time for another kind part of life: The Kameleon Soundsystem, a french free tekno tribe, was time for teknivals, rave partys and a great piece of life. That of course inspirated some of my songs. Also did peoples met in these great partys: Heretics, Triphazé, Spiral Tribes … Long road to you mates ! And peace to our lost soulmates, by the way… Early 90’s we started something new: voltageKontrol that was at this moment a kind of artistic collaboration band, including the alien form of life who is my friend PsychoLoïc. Soon our appartments grown into strange home studios, including tons of awesome gears… In these moments, we can say we were all making something of our lives, money was not meant as a point for any of us. And it was always fun to make the « voltageKontrol’s labs » when we met, messing up around at one’s or other, with all these awesome gears. There where many sequencers, grooveboxs, synthesizers, computers … All we could put in a single room and connect to each other to make crazy music was all our fun at this moment. After that moment came troubles and shit happens to anyone. We decided first to just change the basis of voltageKontrol, also to just forget about it. Each of us came to go to his own artistic life until .. Let’s say, we are the best friends in the world and decided to rebuild the whole from scratch, and open it to a friend artistic community. All you can ear on my voltageKontrol blog is a mix between what I do alone in my own home-studio, and we do when my friends come at home for these great moments. Meant, more of the time, I’m alone with my awesome cat who helps me in messing up musics and things 😀 Other moments, I make music, from different styles, with many ideas or technics, depending on the moments, as we all do. Now, I just let you enjoy musics and videos. Thanks for reading.